Features to Look For in a Concealed Carry Purse

Features to Look For in a Concealed Carry Pursefeatures to look for in a concealed carry purse durability fashion security safety

Not all purses are created equal and not all are good for concealing firearms.

Sure, you can sleeve your gun in a holster then toss it in a bag.

Or worse, put it into your bag without a holster.

But that’s a bad option for several reasons.

Self-defense situations can be over in moments. Do you want to spend a minute digging for your gun?

Or do you want your keys to scratch up the pistol’s finish?

What about durability? Most purses are not built to hold heavy weight inside, so a steel gun can cause excessive wear-and-tear on your nice purse.

Here are a few features to keep in mind while shopping for a bag that can still hold stuff while it conceals a gun.



If you’re concealing a gun, concealment should be one of your biggest concerns.

Carrying a purse that screams out, “I’m carrying a gun!” is a good way to paint yourself as a target of theft!concealed carry purse with zipper lock and right or left hand access off body carry

So, it’s a good idea to use a bag that holds the gun without letting its outline show, which is called printing.

Big gun-related-business labels are another obvious sign that you’re carrying a gun.

Zippers can also give it away, but these are not as big a deal as some people think they are.

That’s because the type of people who can identify a zipper designed to access a gun is also the type of people to conceal firearms themselves, a demographic known to be more law-abiding than the average citizen.

So, while you will often see people claim zippers to be obvious signs that a purse carries a gun in reviews, that’s not as important as other concealment factors.



Another important consideration is how easily you can get to your pistol when you need to.

If you have to open a flap, reach into your bag, unzip a pocket, then draw your gun, you’ll be at a disadvantage compared to unzipping and drawing from an external, hidden pocket.

Also, give preference to ambidextrous bags, regardless if you’re right handed or left handed.

That way you’ll be able to get to your gun no matter whether the bag is on your left or right shoulder or if one of your hands is occupied.


Even lightweight guns are bulkier and heavier than most things kept in most bags.

Extra weight can pull at stitching and straps, causing premature degradation.

So, if you plan on concealing a gun often, you want a bag that’s constructed to a higher standard than many purses.

This also means that you don’t want to cheap out on your concealed carry purse. You don’t want to lose a strap while carrying a gun!