Guide to Choosing the Right Boat Fenders for Sale

Boat fenders, or otherwise known as boat bumpers, are a crucial piece of equipment that protects boats from the damage that occurs when the hull comes in contact with docks, piling, and other boats. And since boats are expensive, boat owners should invest in them before everything else. However, it’s vital to choose the right boat fenders for sale for maximum boat protection. 

Here are a few things to consider when buying boat fenders for your boat:


Many types of boat fenders are available today, each made for different situations. Generally, cylindrical or sausage fenders work perfectly for shorter, lighter vessels. On the other hand, center hole, hybrid cylindrical-round, and round fenders for sale are ideal for larger, heavier vessels. You also have specialty fenders designed for specific mooring arrangements. Before you buy them for your boat, make sure to take the boat type and size into consideration.


When choosing boat fenders for sale, there are three primary considerations, namely boat weight, boat length, and mooring conditions. Experts recommended going for 1” of diameter for cylindrical fenders or 2” of diameter for round or spherical fenders, for every four to five feet of boat length. So, if your boat is 10’-15’ in length, consider buying 3”-4” cylindrical twin-eye fenders. 

Numbers and placement

Fenders work best when deployed properly. This is why you should pay meticulous attention to the number and position of the fenders on your boat. A general rule of thumb is to use one fender for every 10’ of the waterline, with at least three fenders. At least one fender should be deployed at maximum beam while others distributed fore and aft. When it comes to the positioning of the fender, the bottom of the fenders should hang just above the water surface.

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