Stay Clear of These Mistakes In Order To Get the Best Results From Leg-Hold Traps

It is a fact that if you do not find a way to deal with the growing population of coyotes on your hunting land, it won’t take much time for quails, fawns, cattle, squirrels, and many other species to go down in numbers. Therefore, it is important to catch coyotes, especially to stop them from hunting down fawns. You can make use of predator snares to catch not just coyotes but hogs and other larger animals. Leg hold traps are some of the effective traps in the market. But there are certain mistakes that you should avoid in order to catch more predators with your snare. What are those mistakes? Let’s find out.

  • Do not make the mistake of placing traps in open fields. Coyotes usually do not go into such spaces to find food. Instead, set your traps in field edges, fence lines, roadbeds, and ditch banks. If you place traps where the above-mentioned areas intersect, you will greatly increase your chances of catching coyotes. This is recommended because coyotes are known for walking on paths of least resistance and the aforesaid areas are their favorite paths
  • Another mistake you should avoid is using a lot of bait or lure. Wherever there is a chance of finding an easy meal, coyotes will march forward. However, these are rather clever animals and would back off from spaces where they smell excessive scent. They may become scared and would hesitate to venture into areas in the future that give out unnatural smell
  • There are a few coyotes that cleverly avoid traps. Sometimes, it gets very difficult to catch them. One big reason for not being able to trap them is using limited number of traps. If you want to catch multiple coyotes, especially the ones that outwit us at times, you’ve got to employ a good number of traps
  • Another common yet critical mistake that trappers tend to make is that they do not force coyotes to approach the trap from the desired direction. You should back the trap against a tree branch or a natural debris when you bury it and bait the hole. This is important because if you do not do this, these clever coyotes can approach the trap from behind, excavate the bait, and never come close to the trap.

As long as you do not make these mistakes, you will be able to catch coyotes without much trouble. At Gnarly Gorillas, you can buy top-quality predator snares that will cinch the predator’s leg quite firmly with a heavy duty braided steel cable.