American Hunter Hog and Predator Snare

American Hunter Hog and Predator Snare

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Trap Hogs and Predators Easily with American Hunter’s Top-Quality Snares

We Help You Get the Most Out of Your Hunting Adventures

Once just a simple wire loop has now transformed into one of the best and adaptable hunting tools for trappers. Snares, though have been controversial in the past due to their bad reputation for trapping non-target animals, advancements in snare technology has made them much better than ever. Considering the benefits that these trapping tools offer, many states are expanding snaring opportunities for hunters who know how to use them properly. Gnarly Gorillas has some of the best predator snares available for you to help you get the most out of your hunting adventures.

Pressure-Based, Easy to Use, and Weather-Resistant American Hunter Snares

Presenting American Hunter hog and predator snare — a reliable, easy to use, weather-resistant hunting accessory designed for helping people trap wild animals when they are out in the woods or farms. The trap is made with some of the highest quality materials and features a galvanized construction for additional strength. American Hunter hog and predator snare is essentially a “pressure-based” snare trap. As soon as any pressure is put on the trigger plate, it instantly launches the heavy-duty braided steel cable around the leg of hogs — or other animals — to firmly hold them and keep them from escaping. To secure the trap to ground, the trap system comes with two 6.5" metal stakes.

Features Include:

  • Pressure-activated trigger plate
  • Braided steel cable
  • Two 6.5" metal stakes
  • Galvanized construction

Instead of a kill-type lock, American Hunter hog and predator snare uses a relaxing lock that allows users to hold an animal gently rather than killing it, something known as a “cable restraint.” In situations where you are looking for a quick kill, springs and poles can be utilized to get the job done effectively.

Modify the Snares to Make them More Effective

Snares, if legal in your area, are a great tool for trapping hogs and other predators. With a simple modification, you can make them even more impactful and increase the odds of your success. Browse our website to find tools to create just the right snare for almost any trapping situation.