Sea Sense Battery Box 27M

Sea Sense Battery Box 27M

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SeaSense Deluxe Power Station Battery Box

Water is an enemy of electronic devices. Batteries are no exception. When you are out in the waters, you want to prevent your marine battery from potential water damage. That’s why it’s important you have a highly-quality, reliable battery box, on which, you can safely place your battery without worrying about water reaching its surface. That’s why SeaSense deluxe power station battery box!

The battery box is like a tray that holds your marine battery and keeps your power source from sustaining damage. There is no need for you to open the battery box to charge the battery. It can be charged directly from the external terminals of the box. However, if you want to replace the battery, the box can be opened, and the battery can be removed easily.

Here are some of the features of SeaSense deluxe power station battery box:
  • 12-volt socket that enables the use of common accessories
  • Battery tester with built-in LED lights (determine battery condition at the touch of a button)
  • Wingnuts are made of vinyl-coated steel
  • Power socket with built-in cap
  • Easy hook-up with the external terminals
  • Short protection with built-in circuit breaker
  • Ideal for small boats with no DC setups
Gnarly Gorillas has some of the best tools and equipment available for you to enhance your boating adventures. Get your hands on SeaSense battery box today!