We Have a Lot More to Offer…And is “Trim ‘N Go” Cordless Trimmer

If you are looking for a cordless trimmer that is durable yet won't break the bank, the And is “Trim 'N Go” would surely meet your requirement! The trimmer’s soft-grip and compact size make it the perfect solution for trimming on the go. The kit comes with multiple attachments to suit different trimming requirements. Compact and lightweight, this cordless trimmer is great for grooming and light touch-ups. And is “Trim 'N Go” trimmer runs quietly and smoothly, and is easy to use anywhere.

Camo Deer Skull KitHave you been looking for an amazing and cost-effective way to display your trophy buck’s antlers? Real European mount prohibitive or you are unhappy with the durability of real skull mounts? Don’t worry! With our camo deer skull kits, you don’t have to worry about leaving your antlers with someone else for months. Easy to use, the kit includes everything you need for a fabulous-looking mount. Gnarly Gorillas has some of the most adjustable deer skull mount kits available on the market. Adjust it to your desired pivot angle, swing, and tilt! We also have mounts that work great on real skulls of antelope, bear, boar, & more.

Rodentex Multi-feed Bars

Rodentex multi-feed bars are all-weather bait bars that kill Norway rats, roof rats, cotton rats, eastern harvest mouse, golden mouse, Polynesian rat, and meadow voles that lead to unhealthy conditions and destroy your property. Highly palatable and containing high fat content with low bait shyness, these rodenticides are the perfect choice when it comes to preventing pest infestation. They are also mold and moisture-resistant. Containing 0.005% diphacinone—an anti-coagulant, each bar can be easily broken into 16 one oz pieces. Can be used outdoors or indoors, and in bait stations!

Floating Pump Station

Gnarly Gorillas offers completely self-contained and free-floating pump stations designed for continuous duty applications. They eliminate the need for major civil works. Our pump stations include a high-efficiency pump, power transmission system, engine/motor driver, and structural or floatation assembly. Depending on floating pump station design, the pumps may be permanent or emergency stations.

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22 products

22 products