Primos Turkey Locator Call - Power Owl

Primos Turkey Locator Call - Power Owl

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Primos turkey locator call power owl
FEATURES-Design allows for super-loud locating-Improved design keeps reeds from sticking due to over blowing-The use of back pressure lets you vary tones & pitches

Primos Power Owl Call — The Turkey Locator 

You first need to find the turkey before you can hunt it down — and there's no better way to do that than the Primos Power Owl Call — The Turkey Locator! Whether it’s an early morning, late afternoon, or any other time of the day, it’s your go-to calling tool when you are going turkey hunting in the woods. Though there are many other similar products in their line of calls, there’s nothing like the Primo’s owl’s hoot to get hard-to-spot turkey gobbling during spring.

The owl call is a two-piece, custom-crafted, hardwood call with built-in backpressure that gives the user greater control. It is capable of creating a wider range of authentic sounds, so you can locate the turkeys better and then lure them in closer. Easy to blow and extremely loud, Primos Power Owl Call is a classic that gets the leg up on turkeys. The highly efficient and improved design keeps reeds from sticking due to overblowing. The backpressure also lets you get varied tones & pitches.

Because it is extremely low, on those windy days when you just can't get through to that Goblin (you don't know where it is), the classic Primos Power Owl Call will do the job for you. Get your hands on it today and turn more of your hunts into classics.