Mountain Mike's Beard Master - Turkey Plaque Kit

Mountain Mike's Beard Master - Turkey Plaque Kit

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Mountain Mike's Beard Master - Turkey Plaque Kit

The Mountain Mike's Beard Master is an easy to use, do-it-yourself, turkey fan, feet and multiple beard (3) mounting kit. Made with injection-molded plastic, the kit works great with some basic tools and the high-quality materials (included in the kit). You'll be able to proudly display your collection of trophies beautifully on your wall using this knotty pine finish-featured turkey plaque kit. Here are some of the features:


  • Easy to use, do-it-yourself turkey fan mount
  • Multiple beard (3) mounting kit
  • Options to mount spurs and feet
  • Injection-molded plastic
  • Some basic tools and parts included
  • Knotty pine finish

How to Assemble?

Remove center cover screws. Then remove three screws that were hidden under cover. Predrill legs with 3/16” bit (approx.), ½” from cut end. Using the two-side screws, install legs to plague. The trail should fit the fan. Locate hole placement for fan securing screw. Predrill and install the top screw. Reinstall center cover screws. Trim beard base to fit under hold-down. Apply a drop of glue on beard and snug down screw. Hang and you are all set!

You'll be able to display several years of trophies with the Mountain Mike's beard master turkey plaque kit. Get your hands on it today!