Hss Tree Strap Rope Style 1ea -

Hss Tree Strap Rope Style 1ea -

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Looking for a tool for climbing stands? The rope style tree strap by Hunter Safety Systems (HSS) will definitely suit your need. The way this RSTS works is it has a special prussik knot that slides up and down the rope. Any slip or fall, the rope is not going anywhere! The rope allows you to make adjustments to the size of the tree you want to climb. You just twitch the rope, swing it around the tree, and then you can make your adjustments. The tool is highly recommended for those using climbers or lock home stands. The ropes keep you safe all along the ground and all the way up to the tree. Keep adjusting, sliding, and climbing.


  • The rope replaces your current tree strap and serves as an effective lifeline for climbing
  • The tree stands make climbing easier & safer 
  • The rope keeps you attached at all times during the climb, as well as the hunt
  • It can accommodate most trees & allows for easy 360° shooting from nearly any angle
  • Simply loop the rope around the tree above your stand location & let the excess hang free
  • Easy-to-adjust Prussik Knot allows for additional maneuverability to your tree stand

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