Megaware BatteryGuard™

Megaware BatteryGuard™

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Prolong the lifeof your battery. Maximize your battery's performace. Excessive shock and vibration are two of the leading causes for battery failure. Megaware BatteryGuard™ sits under your battery and absorbs the gravity shock caused by excessive vibration and up and down bounce.


  • Reduces up to 80% of the G-shock caused by excessive shock and vibration
  • Protect against premature battery failure
  • Fits up to Group 31 batteries
  • Fits virtually any size battery
  • Great for boats, automobiles, ATVs, Trailers or anywhere shock and vibration can damage a battery
  • Can easily be trimmed to custom shapes or sizes
  • Save money by protecting your battery investment

Manufacturer : Megaware
Manufacturer Part No : 40131
UPC : 672057401316