Insta-Bed Raised Queen

Insta-Bed Raised Queen

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Combine the convenience of a raised height with the Insta-bed exclusive neverFLAT pump, and you have the ultimate in all-night comfort! Set your desired comfort level (plush, medium or firm) and the neverFLAT system monitors air pressure while you sleep, engaging a silent secondary pump to keep your comfort settings. Fits standard size Queen sheets, and sueded top keeps bedding neatly in place. Includes carry bag.
Integrated NeverFlat pump technology: select desired comfort level, engage primary pump, and it shuts-off automatically at your chosen setting.
Sensors continuously monitor air pressure, and a silent secondary pump engages automatically to maintain consistent firmness and comfort.
Raised 19" height makes getting in and out of bed easier
Circular coil construction with vertical and horizontal reinforcement provides proven support and comfort
Fits standard queen sheets

Carry bag and repair kit included


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