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Western Rivers Electronic - Caller Mantis Pro 400 Blutooth

Western Rivers Electronic - Caller Mantis Pro 400 Blutooth

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Western rivers electronic caller mantis pro 400 blutooth
FEATURES:-Bluetooth wireless to stream audiio or additional calls from a paired device such as a smartphone.-Two external jacks to accmmodate secondary amplified speaker(s) for virtual surround funtionality.-External power jack and sync connector with mounting bracket for motorized decoy (Removeable cover to expose mount and connector)-Up to 300 yards range for remote control-Auxiliary output to trigger motorized decoy (sync), in addition to motor sync connector-Sound overlay-allows two sounds to play simultaneously-customizable quicksets-Powered by 8 AA batteries-Integrated/removable remote control-Remote control with 2.0" screen with 4 to 6 lines of text/icons (LED backlit)



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