Whitetail Institute Herbicide - Arrest Max Grass 1pt 1acre

Whitetail Institute Herbicide - Arrest Max Grass 1pt 1acre

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Whitetail Institute Herbicide “Arrest Max” Herbicide for Sale

Whitetail Institute perennials are designed to last for years from single planning to make sure you get maximum life from them.It's important to control grass and weed competition during the spring and summer.To help you do that, the Whitetail Institute offers Arrest Max grass herbicide for salethat controls most kinds of grass in any Whitetail Institute perennial forage stand, Any other clover or alfalfa and most other non-grassy type food plots.Slay will control most kinds of broadleaf weeds and established Whitetail Institute perennial forages and in any other established clover or alfalfa stand.

One thing the Slay label specifies is that a surfactant or agricultural oil (sold separately) must be added to the Slay spray tank for slater work.Surefire crop satisfies that requirement added specifically designed with the food plotter in mind.Adding surefire to the Arrest Max spray tank is also highly recommended to boost the herbicide’s activity even further when the grass is to be treated.Surefire is vegetable-based not petroleum-based like some other adjuvant.It's inexpensive, conveniently packaged in two-acre pipe bottles, and contains afoaming agent to help you correctly mix the spray components.

For optimum results, spray Arrest max and Slay when grasses and weeds are actively growing but still young.The Arrest Max and Slay labels provide complete accurate information on what forages they can be used in, what grasses and other weeds they will control, how to mix the spray solutions and other important information.